Film Recycling

Photographic Images

Today, it is illegal to relegate your old image material to the trash. Photographic imaging film, either medical, printer, or negative film, contains silver. Silver is a toxic heavy metal that leaches into the groundwater when placed in a landfill.

American Recovery Corporation

American Recovery Corporation makes sure that you do dispose of your old imaging film correctly. We collect film and process it to recovery the silver. The washed film is then reused to make new imaging film. By contacting American Recovery Corporation you can not only assure that your film is recycled correctly, you may get a credit for the silver recovered from your imaging film.

Concerned about the sensitivity of the images, no worry. The process of recovering the silver from the film completely removes the image. If this is not enough to alleviate your concerns, the film may be shredded prior to shipment to assure it remains confidential.


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